Head Painting – Openframework + OpenCV

Torino (Italia)
In the last few months I start to experiment with the OpenCv library to understand the possibilities to create artistic or advertising installation.
First of all two words to introduce the library. The OpenCv is an open source library for Computer Vision.
Augmented reality, Image processing, Face tracking/detection, Blob detection are just few of the things that this incredible library is able to do.

It is used in many field, from entertainment to robotic, from medical to cinema. Many of the things that can drop down your jaws are done with this library.

In this first approach after installed the library in a correct way with cmake, i found the openframeworks add-ons that was very easy to use, so i switched from pure c++ to Openframeworks. Thanks to the great jobs done by the guys behind Openframeworks, in a couple of days I was able to achieve this kind of Head painter.
I used the Haardetection method with a cascade trained for face detection, than I attached to the returned CvPoint a particle system to paint some random color on the screen when a face in the video was recognized.

This is an easy way to have a fun interactivity for an advertising installation.

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