Unity3d + OpenCV – Contours finding using Background removal

Torino (Italia)

I continued my exploration on mixing OpenCV and Unity. What i want to achieve was some interesting effects usable in some kind of advertising installation. As creative developer I want to explore new way  and new possibilities for my client, with cheap production and hardware costs. In this demo I used just a simple webcam to achieve a contours finding using background removal.

This kind of background removal is influenced by lighting condition and device quality. For example the exposure of my webcam is automatic and as you can see in the video when my hand comes close to the webcam the lighting condition was changing and the webcam exposure changing accordingly so the contours start jiggling because doesn’t match the old background exposure condition. If I have an infrared camera or a fixed exposure device the results will be better. The best things will be using a Kinect with the depth map to isolate the foreground object to the background and do the image processing for contour finding only for the foreground part of the image.

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  • hey i am a beginner , i want to know how did you mixed up untiy and openCV , I wish to accomplish the same thing, i really liked your work! reply ASAP

  • Hey buddy

    Very well done. Can you export it to flash successfully?

  • I wish to know how can the contours be made on hand if you are doing hand detection.

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