Game Dev and one post per year

“Hey this is not a Game Dev blog?”. I know, I know… i’m lazy. But this post took me a year.

Many, many, many stuff happened. In random order.

After the Global game jam I met others game developers and little studios from Turin. It was a very important experience because we met and we understand that we can create something stronger and better together than alone. So it starts jumping in our mind an idea. How do we can change the Game development industries in Italy? We, italians, consume a lot of videogame. We are one of the core market, but we produce few games here in Italy. From the last AESVI census about employs or professional in the game industries in Italy, we are only 700. And many of them are lonely developer as me.

We need to change many things in Italy, like tax burden, poor welfare, no jobs. One of the fast world growing industries are the game industries, but do a console quality game require skills and professionals.

Together we can change something. With this in mind we created T-Union.

Man at Work

We put together some Turin studios and professionals in a co-working space dedicated to game development. A boost for any idea and proposal, but also a good way for sharing our knowledge and skills.

First step was creating a collective of skilled professionals, the second was making some open informative evening about game development in Italy. But if you want to create an industries and not only a company you need to grow the new generation of professionals, so we created a Game Development course at Event Horizon school .

Last but not least we moved our working place under the same roof in our co-working space at 34BigThings.

At the moment T-Union are composed by: 34BigThings , Event Horizon school , MixedBag, TinyBull Studios, me and others professionals.

Many stuff are coming like RedOut from  34BigThings

or Forma8 from MixedBag

and also formerly Come To See My House  from TinyBull and some professionals around the project.

Off curse all these stuffs took me away from my personal project like Dynawords but I also satisfy my ego and I won with other 5 guys the Best art direction at the MTV Mega Game Jam with “DAT Grid!” made in 33 hours, in early September.

I won also the Most innovative product award at Mattel awards with ThomasAR made for RedFrog Digital in May. 

If you go to London, go to visit the British parliament and the Westminster Hall, but don’t forget to download the Westminster AR guide app done by me for RedFrog! 😉

During this summer I made a big project for a one man developer Battling Dinos.

RedFrog ask me to create an Augmented reality local multiplayer game. The complexity of the project was high. The request was creating a fighting game with dinosaurs where the users share the same marker and same Wi-fi to fight each others… with dinosaurs!

I promise that I’ll write some articles about what I learned and where the complexity was and how I solved it! Promise!

For now I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

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