Global Game Jam 2014 – Post mortem

The last week end I participated to the first Turin Global Game Jam. Great experience, great fun and last but not least great project!

We won the “Best game” for the Turin site with Come to see my house . Awesome!

If you don’t know the Global Game Jam, is a global event where indies, amateurs, pros, students work together in teams, to make a game in just 48 hours.  The theme of the jam was: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” and starting from this sentence we brainstormed many ideas but only when we went to eat a kebab on Friday evening we got the best one. Kebab power…

How the blinds could see the world? How we can reproduce the feelings in a game?

From there to the end of the jam was a flow of good things.

Our team, called “Blind Procedural”, was composed by 8 people: 3 coders (me, Rocco from Tiny Bulls and Giuseppe from 34Big things), 1 2d graphics(Arianna) , 1 3d artist (Patrick) , 1 illustrator (Carmine), 1 sound designer (Enrico) and 1 art director (Camillo). The game design was created through ideas coming out from each one of us in a constructive way between requests and feasibility in 48 hours.

The game is a first person horror. The interesting part is that you are blind and you see nothing but you hear everything. The rain, the gramophone playing in an other room, the footstep… Your safety dog is dead. You are alone with your bat. The only way “to see” the space around you is using the bat… but be careful to not make too much noise…

The challenge was reproducing the feelings of a blind person in an unknown and scary place and at the same time make it playable in a believable way.

Of course is not “realistic” but the sound wave propagation is a real way to see the space around you, like a radar.

The graphics and sounds was another great challenge in 48 hours. Most of the sounds are created in loco by our sound designer Enrico and was a great test for my Unity Audio plugin . For the graphics we wanted to achieve a “DareDevil” like effect for the “visible” things during the sound propagation. We choose to add also a dissolve effect to increase the power of the darkness, eroding your safety.


I’m really happy of the result and team. Was a terrific experience and was a critical and public acclaim. The enthusiasm around the project was big and… we will see… 🙂

Try it out here (Unity web player required)

(* for some reason the instruction and intro video are not working on Windows. Use WASD to move, SPACE to make noise, when you find the key and then the door press E)

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