2013 Updates

Long time ago there was a Unity3d Dev Blog…

Ehm… so many things are changed that I’ve forgotten to update the blog since last year.

Well I would not write a romance like post so I will go very fast telling that since the last Christmas I changed my job. Here in Italy was and is a very hard time and the studio which I was working for close in January.

So I started to believe that the only way was going 100% indie, but the reality of one-man game studio is really really really hard.

In April I was thinking to give up the indie route, when I received an email from a UK studio, called RedFrog, that was interested in a collaboration. After watching some of my works in May we start the collaboration. Here some of the projects I worked for :

Other projects are under NDA.

In the meantime I continued my indie adventure working on once called “Pass the dynamite” that became Dynawords.

Dynawords is a words game that has great potential, but I did a big error… I waited to complete all the things I’d in mind before ship and I wreck myself in the multiplayer mode. I was not very familiar with php and networking. Learn and produce, trial and error, and not a very good design of the multiplayer part was frustrating until I decide to abandon it for a while and do something more easy and fast.

I created an interesting prototype of a new game that need to be better explored.

Back to these days…

During my projects I felt the need of a better way to manage Audio stuff inside Unity and I checked on the asset store to find something. There’s some good plugins, but not in the way I meant.

I want a KISS way to achieve fast and reliable result, no complex interface, just dragNdrop and one line of code to Play and Stop audio. That’s what I want so… i did it.

I’m in final rush for my AudioLogic plugin designed with mobile devices in mind. Below a screenshot of the earlier version of the extension.

Has an internal pooling system and a very easy, intuitive and powerful editor window.

The clips library system allow a different name for a audioclip, you can make your game and change the clip at any moment without touch your code.

You can create playlist that playing randomly or continuously, fade in and out a Audioclip, give a custom audio setting for every clip or override them in particular circumstances, emit sound at position, follow a GameObject or emit from the AudioManager position.

An event audio trigger script will handle the common Event from Unity such OnCollision/OnTrigger without a line of code.

And if you need control, you will have all in your hand. You could access the Singleton AudioManager from where you want in your code and play what you want with just a line of code.

The next step after ship to Asset store will be to add an import manager window that will give you the ability to edit multiple audioclip import settings at a time and very comfortable to use without going crazy to find your audioclips everywhere in you project and change it one by one… so tedious! 🙂

So… many months are passed by since last posts, but as you read there was a reason for it! 🙂

I will write more technical posts soon if I find the time to do it. I want to share my Monobehaviour Singleton solution and speak with you about Unity Serialization… behind the mistery of ScriptableObject.

Stay tuned!

P.s : I received many question about my work on OpenCV and Unity. I mentioned the possibilities to make a Plugin for it, but I’m not sure it will be a good choice due to hard maintenance of the library OpenCVSharp.

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