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Torino (Italia)
With the exit of Unity3d 3.5 was introduced a new texture class called WebcamTexture that allow the developers to integrate a native Webcam support in their application. Before the 3.5 version the access to the webcam was a little tricky and many plugins were created, but for security reason it was not possible use the plugins on the web player so the real usage of the webcam was limited just to desktop applications. Now with the native support of Webcam texture this limitation is overcome, but a new one went.

The webcam texture allows just one video device at time, so if you have 2 or more webcam/video devices you can’t use it at the same time. If you are in the VJ’s world you can understand how much is important have more video devices playing at the same time to control the mixing or doing many interesting effects. Also if you are creating an installation with many webcam to achieve a director style installation and need to switch between cameras with webcam texture you can’t…

For that I made Multicam System for Unity, you can use 2 or more cameras at the same time in real time. You can switch between them and do what you want with the video stream coming from the cameras. In the demo video I used just two webcam because I haven’t more. The frame rate is impressive, around 100 fps on a Win 7 Parallels image with 1.6 Ghz dual core and 2 Gb ram assigned.
Multicam system is working only on Windows for now, but if someone are interested in a Mac version I will do the port. As for the plugin problem mentioned above, it cannot be used on the webplayer.

MultiCam system is a plugin for Unity3d (windows only for now). The new WebcamTexture class inside Unity 3.5 allows just one camera play at time, with MultiCam system we can play multiple cameras in real time, all inside Unity!

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  • Hey, I’m interested in your plugin to use in oneof my projects. Where may I get it? THanks

  • I would you like to get your plugin. if you send me a your plug-in to my e-mail, very appriciate.
    thank you.

  • Hi! How to get your plugin?? Is it free?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Ivano Zanchetta, could you please give some hints on how to do this? I am stuck in selecting between two cameras on my Mac! I’d appreciate any help, thank you!

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