Working on IZ Augmented Xmas!

Hello everybody,
here’s some updates on developing the IZ Logic way to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new years… I know that I’m bit late for Christmas as was 3 days ago, but Apple didn’t reviewed yet my app so I hope the approval will arrive still during this Christmas holiday, if not you will have a good excuse to come back to your Christmas spirits when you will be at work or where you want! 🙂

Below some screenshots in app.


Augmented XMas! renders

I was pretty satisfied from the quality of renders on iPad2 or earlier and on iPhone4s and earlier! For the iPhone4 I was forced to fallback the shaders to a lower quality to run smoothly at ∼25fps.
For the iPad3 I was also warned for the bigger resolution (2048×1536), but was full filled without many problems.

Augmented XMas! render_iPad3


Happy new year!

Augmented XMas! render_iPad3

IZ Logic!

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