Game Dev and one post per year

“Hey this is not a Game Dev blog?”. I know, I know… i’m lazy. But this post took me a year.

Many, many, many stuff happened. In random order.

After the Global game jam I met others game developers and little studios from Turin. It was a very important experience because we met and we understand that we can create something stronger and better together than alone. So it starts jumping in our mind an idea. How do we can change the Game development industries in Italy? We, italians, consume a lot of videogame. We are one of the core market, but we produce few games here in Italy. From the last AESVI census about employs or professional in the game industries in Italy, we are only 700. And many of them are lonely developer as me.

We need to change many things in Italy, like tax burden, poor welfare, no jobs. One of the fast world growing industries are the game industries, but do a console quality game require skills and professionals.

Together we can change something. With this in mind we created T-Union. Continue reading »

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Global Game Jam 2014 – Post mortem

The last week end I participated to the first Turin Global Game Jam. Great experience, great fun and last but not least great project!

We won the “Best game” for the Turin site with Come to see my house . Awesome!

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